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One of the Principal functions of ERIC has been to undertake, promote and coordinate educational research on various aspects of school education and teacher education.

In operational terms the scope of this objective is:

  • To initiate, promote and direct programs and activities designed to bring about desirable changes in the educational system.
  • To promote quality in research having relevance to the educational system
  • To provide and develop leadership in educational research in the country
  • To lay down from time to time priority thrust areas in educational research
  • To take such measures which are necessary to initiate, sponsor and coordinate research activities in the field of education
  • To scrutinize and recommend grants to proposals related to research and innovation projects received from the constituent units.
  • To disseminate research findings and to promote their implementation in the educational system
  • To promote activities in the development of leadership and expertise in research
  • To exercise proper control over the conduct of research projects and utilization of research grants
  • To take such measures as may be required to help the Council in meeting its objectives of promoting educational research.


In order to make educational research relevant, effective and meaningful, ERIC shall give priority to the following research approach :

  • Policy Research in Education
  • Development of policy concerns
  • Effectiveness of policy issues
  • Dissemination of findings related to policy issues
  • Qualitative and participatory approaches involving triangulation of methodologies
  • Case Studies
  • Inter-disciplinary, Collaborative, Multi-centric, and Pan-Indian researches
  • Studies involving use of quantitative and qualitative approaches Collaborative Action Research Projects
  • Innovations related to qualitative improvement of content and process of school education

If you feel it is time to keep up with the times and re-imagine your school, Educational Innovations can help your school reach greater heights.
Send an Enquiry.

We can help revamp both academics and operations. But, we would first like to understand where you are at – what you are currently doing. This is our start point.


We can then help you:

Evaluate teacher competency
Review books being used
Consult on HR re-modeling
Build operational competences – improve efficiency of functioning
Revamp curriculum – content, pedagogy, assessments, lesson plans
Identify training needs and conduct training – teachers, non-teaching staff
Introduce and implement teacher evaluation model
Following are the domains that EI consults schools into up grading:


Whole school turn-around

Typically the whole school consultancy takes about a year. During this period we work closely with the leadership and dedicate a team to take forward the project. Timelines for delivery are set on mutual agreement.
Training of Principals and other key school leadership
We believe that change begins at the top – leadership plays a critical role in cultivating a progressive mindset for growth and implements it. Once the leadership is exposed to new and innovation ways for school functioning, change will automatically follow suit. We train the school leadership and pave the way for that change.


Conducting Teacher Training

We begin with a teacher competency assessment, identify strengths, weaknesses of each teacher and thereby specify training needs of the school. We then plan a series of workshops to fill in the gaps. This will help the school realize its vision for teaching learning as they will be exposed to new and improved ways of teaching-learning


HR Consultancy

We can review, analyze and if required advise on administrative structure – organogram, job descriptions etc.
Detailing Teacher Evaluation Model
Knowing where the teachers are at, what their strengths and challenge areas are (both as a group and as individuals) and therefore structuring such that their potential is harnessed to the maximum is an important start point if a school wishes to realize its academic vision. EI has designed a well-researched model to assess teacher competencies.


Developing the Curriculum

Curriculum Development is a planned process that deals with how and what is to be taught and assessed so that a student learns best. We believe that it the basic structure behind the teaching learning process in a school. Curriculum development includes mapping the content, designing learning goals, designing lesson plans and planning comprehensive assessments.